Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) is establish in January 19, 2010 and it is a Malaysian-registered Private Limited Company which focusing on specializing in the field of Inspection Services, Testing Services (Conventional and Advance NDT) and Engineering and Maintenance services.

In addition, we also provide professional services such as LO-RAD Radiography Services, Computed Radiography Testing Services, Logistic Services, Government/Private consultancy Services, and Man Power Supply Services.

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Offering varius Conventional and advance Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) method and

Provision of qualified profesional Provider in various discipline...


Oil & Gas Industry Man Power Supply, Man Power Transportation services,

Instrument Transportation Services...


Corrosion Survey, Leak, pipeline, vacuum, hydro and Pneumetic testing,

Piping works, Pressure Vessel & Chemical cleaning.

Exhibition (NDT, Radioactive Awareness and hazard, Technical viewpoint, Oil and Gas Industries) ,

Seminar and Debate..