Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) is committed to give full priority regarding every aspect pertaining HSE matter and how it operates. Since the usage of alcohol and drug can impair performance at work and also lead a threat to the safety and health of all people including employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel, it is always in Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) concern to ensure that all of its operation is clear from alcohol and drug. This subject includes usage, manufacture, sale, purchase and distributes any forms of alcohol and drug during work time.


To achieve all of this, Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel that related to the operation of our company must observe and tolerate with all of the following terms and condition:


Employees, suppliers, contractors and other personnel who have alcohol and/or drug dependence should seek professional advice and appropriate treatment and/or rehabilitation and condition-status-approved before conducting any affiliation with this company.


Being at work whilst impaired by alcohol and/or drug shall be strictly prohibited.


The illicit usage, possession, distribution, or sale of alcohol and/or drug within company work-site or premises shall be strictly prohibited.


Company may, at any time conduct unannounced searches for alcohol and drug on work-site or at any of its premises.


Company, at any time reserves the right to request employees, suppliers, contractor and others personnel at its work-site or any of its premises to undergone alcohol and/or drug test.


If the alcohol and/or drug test is positive, or if any employee, suppliers, contractor is found to be in possession of usage or involve in trafficking of any form of alcohol and/or drug or such, that person shall be subjected to undergone disciplinary action, which maybe lead to the termination of that person services and/or the company will consult this matter with the relevant authority.


All employees, suppliers, contractors are responsible to ensure that they observe this policy thoroughly and understand its content clearly before they conduct any activities related to this company operation.