Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) is establish in January 19, 2010 and it is a Malaysian-registered Private Limited Company which focusing on specializing in the field of Inspection Services, Testing Services (Conventional and Advance NDT) and  Engineering and Maintenance services.


We believe in our personnel experience and skills development will produce a more efficient and meet the demands of our client.  In order to meet the future challenges, we strive to comprehend our company with highly advance and accurate technology to achieve greater results. Our ideology is that every day, new problem occurs and from that point of view this company will try its best to overcome those walls with all the resources available.


This company is structured by highly experience personnel in their own designation, from the management field down to the technical expertise. By those facts alone, client is assured that they will receive professional services throughout the period of their contract agreement. With the highly expectation that this company holds which is quality over quantity, our client should see the results of our management team effort on choosing the right person to execute the right job description. Survey will be conducted on regular-basis to ensure that our services achieve both client and company standards.


We also concern about all the personnel that dedicated their strength and time to ensure the expanding measure of this company is according to our board of directors’ vision. Due to that particular reason, our company will give the human resource department a top priority in injecting supplement to ensure that those personnel is well cared and receive the rights that they deserve.


Finally, to our respectable client, supplies and financial institution that support us from the very beginning have made it possible for us to achieve our company objectives. With those continuing support and trust, we believe that we can execute every critical assignments and projects in the near future.