It is always the policy of Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) to undertaken every aspect regarding their activities, such as Health, Safety and Environment of its employee as a top priority. In order to implement this policy, our company will make contingencies plan to ensure that every particle regarding HSE-related is well covered. Due to that particular reason, we hereby stated our Health, Safety and Environment policy as written in this following provision:


.1. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) always moving towards achieving excellence in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) matters.


.2. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) is committed to give top priority to HSE and take every reasonable and practicable step to prevent, control, and eliminate possible work that related to injury, illness, damage to property and pollution to the environment.


.3. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) shall provide all necessary resources, organization and training to all levels of staffs to ensure competent workforce in performing HSE roles and responsibilities.


.4. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) shall ensure that the facilities that it design, builds, and operates and the services it provide are accordance with appropriate legal requirement and meet industrial best practice at all times.


.5. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) shall ensure that contingencies plans are in place and maintained to deal with emergencies and shall periodically review the health, safety and environment management system and practices to ensure continual improvement.


.6. Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) requires its entire employee, who directly or indirectly involve in procedure or practical practice to abide to this policy at all times to achieve zero accident.