In order to pursue the company vision and mission collaborativelywithin the industries owner community, marketing committee shall comply honestly to the following criteria in favors:


market Fully equip with the knowledge

on the field of expertise that this company offered.


market Explanation towards the better understanding

on the company products or services is carefully executed from professionals that act as the company’s representative.


market Friendly to everyone

that related directly or indirectly within the proposition in favors.


market Always being humble and truthful

to the client as per explaining the strength of the company.


market Never propose a negative pleading

on the behalf of our respected competitors whether on their strength issue or weaknesses comply.


market Never takes/offer bribes, percentage, agreement, beneficial terms

or any form of cooperation/coordination term which will bind to conflict of interest situation in the future


market Always bound to confronting

with any possible matter regarding the issues related to the field of work or verbal misunderstanding within parties.


market Always follow-up and update

with any activities regarding the job description to ensure that our respected client is fully geared with the latest information pertaining their project.