We provide Government/Private Consultancy services as mention below:


In order for our company to have a full range of support from the Government and Private committee, Anugerah Intergriti Resources (A.I.R) has decided to execute various disciplines regarding the Non-Destructive Testing method of commencing and also some additional presentation effort to ensure quality, Intergriti, and diversity is well-develop and flourish among staff/personnel around us.


We have sorted some of the selected few of these additional services to blend with the current demand from our respected client, and the followings are:


  1. Exhibition (NDT, Radioactive Awareness and hazard, Technical viewpoint, Oil and Gas Industries, etc.)
  2. Seminar and Debate (Polytechnics, Universities, Community Colleges, IKBNs, Related institutions, etc)
  3. Motivational Seminar (Technical/non-technical personnel/staff/corporate level/professionals/etc)
  4. Company’s Event (Organizing event regarding NDT/HSE/Human Resources/Technical and Operation)
  5. Social/Oil and Gas scope/Technical/Operation expertise consultation.
  6. Channeling Interest (Guide the Government/Private collaborates towards the right direction regard of their interest)


We also providing a vast variety of guidance towards achieving our client organizational goal and how to implement the material/equipment that they have to ensure the deduction of unwanted risk or losses are within range.